Post Market Surveillance (PMS) in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry is associated with massive amounts of data handling; success or failure in outcomes can come down to how well your team can use that data to create a competitive edge or stay ahead of ever-changing compliance requirements. In today’s marketplace -regardless of the industry- the ability to optimize data capture, transformation, management, and reporting can give your company unique advantages in meeting compliance requirements and improved decision making. Abphina’s Z-Satellite® tool is a one-of-a-kind application with the capacity to take your PMS delivery capabilities to the next level. Developed by the data science team at Abphina in collaboration with leading pioneers of data science application, Z-Satellite® features capabilities beyond current Electronic Data Capture Systems adding predictive analytics, machine learning, and AI to the standard data management toolset. Added features allow for integration of clinical development data with patient-reported outcomes, facilitating discovery science and transforming disparate datasets to deliver meaningful insight to your regulatory and development teams. Z-Satellite® improves user experience, giving your team more powerful data analytics capability and the corresponding improved knowledge and decision-making capacity that comes with visualizing and knowing faster than ever before.