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Abphina is a leading provider of product recall planning and product recall training.   Recalls have complex logistical and compliance challenges that need to be addressed to ensure the overall effectiveness of a response. A recall program usually interacts with many internal and external stakeholders, all of which require comprehensive review.

Abphina provides product recall services to clients who are facing possible product recall or product market withdrawal. Our services vary from a simple check of a plan of action to a detailed support throughout the recall process. Our network of consultants can carry out effectiveness checks to verify recalled product are removed from shelves and inventories.

Abphina is a one-stop shop for all your product recall needs. We provide consulting services with recall strategy, regulatory recall filings, recall communication content. Abphina can run the entire recall on your organization’s behalf and provide a real-time update via the Z-satellite® platform.

From the distributor level to the consumer level, our unique recall notification and monitoring meet requirements of all regulatory bodies.

Our team has unique and extensive recall experience with major global regulatory agencies including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). The schematic below is a general path for recall consulting at Abphina.

At Abphina, because we believe in the voice of the customer, our recall program is designed to be entirely customer-centric. Abphina’s unique approach draws from the extensive recall management experience and the time-tested surveys from the American customer satisfaction index (ACSI) to deliver exceptional service quality during a product recall. The key to strengthening consumer relationship and loyalty during moments of crisis or unpleasant communication is to focus on the 5 fundamental dimensions of service quality:  Reliability, Responsiveness, Empathy, Assurance, and Proof of tangible evidence.

Our service-oriented recall program focusses on closing gaps between customer interaction and the overall quality of communication content. These include

  • Designing process and performance standards around customer expectation and regulatory agency
  • Training recall team to ensure improved execution recall
  • Setting realistic customer expectation through accurate communication
  • Following up on overall consumer experience

Alternatively, you may choose from the following selected services to meet your specific need.

  • Product Information and Label Review
  • Health Hazard Assessment Review
  • Distribution Pattern Submission Review
  • Recall Strategy Review
  • Communication Management Plan Review
  • Public, Customers, and Regulatory Notification Review
  • Recall Effectiveness Audit [Recall Root Cause, Corrective Action. Recall Status Report]

Our program promises and delivers exceptional and quantifiable value to clients. Contact us now for all your recall needs.

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