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Data science research

Abphina continuously researches various aspects of Technology Management and Innovation. Data Science and Data Management Research is one of the core competent areas Abphina uses to conduct feasibility studies and drive innovation. Abphina uses machine learning and data visualization programing to discover novice methods for large-scale data mining and management. The aim is to help accelerate discovery science to finished products. Our research is limited to Bioinformatics, Medical Science, Engineering and Business Management. We also help organizations with predictive analytics, machine learning, and overall data process optimization. Z-Satellite® a post-market data analytics software, is one of the products from our data science research group. Z-Satellite® is a one of a kind post market surveillance software with emphasis on safety and the voice of the customer. Have a data challenge? Contact us for an assessment.

Regulatory Affairs Consulting

Full Packet or A la Carte- Regulatory Affairs services for all Situations:

At Abphina we understand that the best compliance framework is the one that starts at the beginning of product development and runs through the entire product lifecycle providing a continuous value delivery system that accompanies your product from clinical development right through to post-market surveillance. Abphina works with biopharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers to offer end to end service delivery or customized solutions with various levels of support depending on factors like the stage of the development cycle, product portfolio size, level of engagement required, internal capacity or geographical distribution of markets. We also work with clients who are out of compliance and require remediation efforts to gain back and maintain compliance status. For additional details on our regulatory affairs services, please select from the list below for more information

Analytical Laboratory

Abphina is currently in the preoperative phase of entering the Analytical Lab Test service provider market. The analytical lab hosts our primary research efforts including experimental studies and reproducibility studies. The analytical laboratory offers technical and analytical capacity to future clients to meet their R&D and quality objectives. At completion the Analytical Laboratory provides the following specific test services:

Chemical Testing and Analysis

Material Testing and Chemical Composition Analysis
Elemental and Trace Metals Analysis
Characterization and Identification of Unknown Substances
Impurities and Contamination Analysis
Additives Identification and Regulatory Compliance Testing

Bioanalytical Services

Method Development and Method Validation
Pharmacokinetic (PK) Analysis and Dose Formulation Analysis
Bioavailability and Bioequivalence Studies
GCP Bioanalytical Services


Method Development and Method Validation Stability studies
cGMP Quality Control Testing and Batch Release Testing.

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